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Services at Valley Behavioral Health

Valley Behavioral Health provides comprehensive treatment and services for people of all ages who are experiencing serious mental illnesses, substance use disorders and behavior problems. We have a well trained and caring staff of therapists, psychiatrists, case managers, social workers and medical staff in Salt Lake, Summit and Tooele Counties.

We Provide services for children, youth, adults and seniors. Click a topic below for a service description.

Inpatient Care and Services
24 hour psychiatric services provided to individuals in a licensed hospital.
Residential Care and Services
Facilities that provide treatment 24 hours a day to help a person transition to the community from more supervised care or to help them stay out of a more supervised facility. Residential treatment is usually more long-term than inpatient hospitalization.
Outpatient Mental Health Care and Services
Outpatient treatment has an emphasis on short-term treatment to help individuals and families to manage their problems and live in the community. This includes individual therapy/counseling, family therapy/counseling, group therapy, medication evaluation and management, and crisis intervention.
Outpatient Substance Abuse Care and Services

Outpatient treatment has an emphasis on short-term treatment to help individuals and families to manage their problems and live in the community. This includes diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism and drug addition and a continuum of services from hospitalization to support, as determined by individual need.

Specialized services for women and their dependent children, including a residential program for those referred through the courts may also be provided in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. Specialized services for families where a member is in need of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment may also be provided.

In Salt Lake County, referrals are coordinated through Salt Lake County Assessment and Referral Services. Click here for information on these services or call (801) 532-1850 for adult assessments or (801) 468-2009 for youth assessments in Salt Lake County.

Psychotropic Medication Management
Medication management through licensed psychiatrists and prescriptive practice nurses.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Clubhouse model to provide a supportive and accepting community in which members gain a sense of belonging and accomplishment through meaningful work relationships:

  • The Work-Ordered Day engages members and staff together, side-by-side, in the running of the clubhouse. All clubhouse work is designed to help members regain their self-worth, purpose, and confidence by focusing on the strengths, talents, and abilities of its members and giving them the opportunity to participate in all the work of the program.
  • Employment program enables members to return to paid work through transitional and independent employment. Members obtain confidence, self-respect, and vocational skills through community-based employment.
  • Transitional Employment is a work training program that provides members with part-time, entry-level job placement with local businesses. The clubhouse provides support on the job according to the needs of each individual.
  • Independent Employment assists members to secure, sustain, and upgrade their own employment.

Outpatient Recovery Program gives clients and opportunity for learning or relearning skills needed to reconnect with themselves, others and the community at large. Skills classes are tailored to individual needs to help clients find employment, volunteer opportunities or the continuation of educational goals.

Community Computer Education Program is an innovative recovery focused education to work program for disadvantaged populations displaced by society with severe mental illness, chemical dependence, and/or other serious life problems. Students work in a self paced, non-graded, non-competitive environment. The curriculum and course structure are specially designed to be challenging and accommodating, offering a readily achievable goal, while gaining easily applicable, and highly technical skills.

Wellness and Recovery, North and South programs are designed to serve adults with SPMI in Salt Lake County. They are located within our North and South Valley outpatient units. These program goals include providing a safe, therapeutic, and structured environment where clients can experience social contact and peer support, and develop interpersonal, illness management, and communication skills. The program also offers outreach services for clients experiencing difficulty self-managing their symptoms. The program offers a selection of groups at various levels of skill development. The groups are designed and structured in one of the following formats:

  • Psychoeducational Groups - rehabilitative service includes interventions which help clients achieve goals of remedial and/or rehabilitative vocational adequacy necessary to restore them to their best possible functioning level.
  • Service Education Groups - rehabilitative services which also serve as a mechanism by which clients can outreach to the community to promote education and understanding about mental illness. Clients are encouraged to use their own initiative to suggest, begin and follow through with projects and assignments utilizing a variety of creative outlets.
  • Work and school support groups develop and enhance employment skills, and supports clients who have returned or are planning to return to an academic or job training environment.
  • Work and School Support Groups - rehabilitative services focused on developing and enhancing employment skills, and supports clients who have returned or are planning to return to an academic or job training environment. These groups lead to supported employment in the Wellness and Recovery program. The ultimate goal is to move the client into employment in the community.
  • Living Well – This is a psychosocial rehabilitation program that was created and licensed by Stanford University. It is a joint service of VMH and Utah Department of Health – Arthritis Program. This is an evidenced based practice that was developed to teach and promote illness self management practices for all chronic medical conditions which translates very well to Behavioral Health. This program is based upon holistic wellness principles. Ten VMH staff members and peer counselors are currently certified to teach these illness self management classes.
  • Fresh Start Activity Groups - provide an environment for clients to learn to develop an interest in enjoyable activities. The goals for clients in these groups include increasing their ability to experience and express pleasure, planning and helping organize group activities, learning to interact spontaneously with others in low demand situations, developing skills for conflict resolution, and working with others. This is a consumer directed and delivered service.
Forensic Services

Forensic services are for adults referred to Valley Behavioral Health from the criminal courts, State Parole and Probation, Federal Parole and Probation, Criminal Justice Services and other correction agencies.

  • Adult perpetrators in domestic violence cases.
  • Adult perpetrators of offenses related to substance abuse, theft, assaults, fraud and other criminal activities.
  • Seriously and persistently mentally ill perpetrators of crime supervised by AP P, the court and Mental Health Court.
Case Management
Case management support is provided to assist clients in effectively utilizing available community resources. It is provided for clients diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness who require more extensive outpatient services to promote independence and recovery in the community. They are helped to secure quality medical, dental, and substance abuse services in the community and are referred to the program by their primary therapist.
Community Supports
This includes in-home services, housing, family support services and respite services, which are made available to clients in need through referral from their primary therapist.
Consultation and Educational Services
Includes but is not limited to: case consultation, collaboration with other state agencies, public education, and public information.
Specialized Services for Children and Youth
  • We provide services for children with autism through the Carmen B. Pingree Center for Children with Autism in Salt Lake City.
  • Day Care at our Expanding Horizons preschool in Salt Lake City.
  • School based treatment through the Salt Lake County School Districts.
  • Children's Unit at Valley Behavioral Health - Tooele County.
Prevention Services
Valley Behavioral Health provides prevention and education services and programs based on the Risk and Protective Factor model, and best practices developed by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. We aim to identify risks for substance abuse and violence and develop resiliency through healthy life skills. Our prevention programs address specific needs of communities through school and family-based approaches.